Starting a Footy Team

Playing on the field once a fortnight with your friends is not always enough for someone who wants to enjoy football. This is why many people decide to join amateur and professional leagues. However, before you run out into the pitch, you need a team. So, how do you make a football team? Glad you asked.

Name and Players

Each and every football team needs players, that much is obvious. Try to find people interested in becoming a part of your team. These people need to be able to play, as well as show dedication. You don’t need someone who will show up for practice only once in a while, when they’ve got nothing better to do.

The next thing you need to do is select a name. Try to have a name that will inspire your players, but it is perfectly fine to come up with a name that is a private joke between you and your mates. Just make sure it’s appropriate.


Before you join a league, consider this: do you want to be a casual team, or is this something you plan to do long-term? Contact your County Football Association for more info on what you need to do in order to register properly. Make sure each member of your team/club is registered. Otherwise, they won’t be able to play.

Do not be discouraged if your team can only play in very minor leagues at first. We all have to starts from somewhere. Besides, working your way up towards the big leagues is part of the experience.


There is more to starting a team and club than just coming up with colors, names and people. A team is a formal entity and, as such, requires formal administration. If you are the one running the team, it might be a good idea for you to be in charge of the club.

The club also requires a manager and a treasurer. They will keep track of the events and finances required in order to participate in games.


Getting your own pitch is perfect if you want a place of your own to practice in peace. Running plays on your own turf is much better than doing it in a park. Try to find a suitable location for your team.

If you can’t get a location that is entirely your own, try to find stadiums that allow you to train for a price. Shop around, and compare what it costs to train with the membership fees you collect from your players. Alternatively, you can try and find a sponsor for your team, which will significantly reduce your expenses. Usually, all you need to do in return is show off the brand name on your kit.